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Ticklemore Goats Cheese


Ticklemore Goats Cheese

Sharpham Creamery, nr.Totnes, Devon

Ticklemore is a pasteurized, semi-hard goat milk cheese originally produced by Robin Congdon of Ticklemore Dairy. Later the procedure was simplified by Mark Sharman at nearby Sharpham Creamery on the River Dart. This is a pasteurised goat milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. The texture is moist and slightly crumbly with a delicious zesty, subtle lemon flavour. It can sometimes be soft just under the white, bloomy rind and has a beautiful, pure white body which contrasts with the golden yellow of our Jersey cows’ milk cheeses.

It is a brilliant match with figs, ripe pears, Medjool dates and beetroot. Particularly good in salads, it can be used anywhere melted cheese is needed in a recipe.

Suitable for vegetarians

Suitable for vegetarians.

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