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Cave Aged Goats Cheddar


Cave Aged Goats Cheddar

Ford Farm, Dorchester, Dorset

A mature goat Cheddar produced in Dorset and then matured in Wookie Hole Caves, Somerset. This is a deliciously mild, savoury, firm cheese which is similar to a traditional Cheddar in texture but with a distinctive yet subtle ‘goat’ flavour. The cave environment adds yet another dimension to the ageing process.

The year round constant 12 degrees centigrade and humidity bestows the cheese with the added benefit of rich, earthy and nutty flavours with caramel top notes. Better for those who are slightly lactose intolerant. Same cooking use as a cow’s milk Cheddar.

Unsuitable for vegetarians.

Winner of a Super Gold Award at the World Cheese Awards 2016.

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